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Understanding How Stars Form with Infrared Observations

Molecular gas cloud

Astronomy can uncover mysteries of the universe. It's our mission to teach future generations about these amazing discoveries. Read More

Beyond Bizarre: The "Crazy Beast" of Madagascar

person digging for bones

Earlier this year, we announced the discovery of this new mammal in arguably the world's top scientific journal, Nature. After 18 years of puzzling and a breakthrough in the identification of another mammal, we finally had it. But what is it? Read More

Space Odyssey Reimagined: Transformation Will Launch in Late 2020

How do we know what space smells like? Our Space Odyssey exhibit will be undergoing a transformation this year with a goal to answer this, and other space-related questions. Read More

Back in the Lab, an Even More Exciting Discovery

person digging for bones

The Museum heeds the call when construction workers in Thornton unearth a fossil belonging to a rare dinosaur. Read More

Colorado's True Blue Gem

Blue topaz

Pikes Peak looms large across Colorado's landscape. This world-renowned mineral collecting site formed over a billion years ago as molten rock percolated upward through our mountainous crust. Its granite also makes fine-looking countertops! Read More

The Story of the San Benedicto Island Rock Wren


The Museum has one of the richest ornithology collections in the country, with nearly 55,000 specimens from around the world, dating from 1842 to today. After joining the staff as curator of ornithology last summer, I began familiarizing myself with the collection. One set of specimens immediately caught my attention: the San Benedicto Island rock wren. Read More

The Film Archive: Our Cultural Memory Bank

Alfred Bailey

Long before the Internet made armchair traveling just a click away, the Museum presented a film series that took people around the world. Read More

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